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Color in the classroom

I know that seeing someone that looked like me helped me become an educator. It was important then and it's important now.

 I read this article the other day and it got me to thinking about my experience in the education system. First, as a student and second, as an educator for 44 years.  M…

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A Professional Worker

This post first appeared on LinkedIn on May 23, 2019.

Recently, my husband declared that I am a professional worker. I frowned when he said it and then our youngest son (Heartbeat #2) chimed in with, “Yeah, all you do is work.” Mind you, this is the same kid who expressed concern about his pa…

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UNC Wilmington: Home of the Seahawks


One of the perks of my job is visiting college campuses and experiencing first-hand the sights and sounds of each college. Oftentimes, we have the opportunity to meet with personnel from college admissions offices near and far without having to travel too far. Recently, my regional group o…

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Let's Not Get It Twisted

This article first appeared on LinkedIn on October 22, 2018.

How was your weekend? College essay reviews, a trip to the veterinarian and laundry filled my weekend, but this little thing also happened. Interviewed by a reporter from The NY Times about the lawsuit against Harvard, I had a small quote…

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A Letter to My College Students: Kindness Matters

“Hey, who made the sweet potato and corn soup?” I asked the young worker at the grill counter when I ordered my grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. From off to the side, a growly voice with a hint of a challenge asked, “Who wants to know?”  Taken aback by this response, I hesitated for a minute, and…

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College Preparation Timeline: 3 Amazing Tips for Reading More!

I walked by Books on the Square during a visit home to Rhode Island with Karen Carvalho-Franks (my bestie, bff, ride-or-die) and of course, we had to go inside. Browsing around through all the stories waiting for me to read, I saw this quote on a linen cloth hanging on the wall and knew I would not…

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Start, Stop, Continue and Change in 2018

 Resolutions do not work for me. I make them, I break them. Now, I use four words to help me sketch out my coming year: Start, Stop, Continue and Change. Thinking of all of the items on my bucket list (whittling it down slowly), what do I want to start this year? I want my calendar at the end of t…

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Four Apps for College Planning

New information comes out daily about college planning, from changes in admission policies to paying for college. Keeping up with the constant barrage can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, I wonder how families keep abreast of all the news when as a college planning professional, I find it challenging on…

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What will you do when the game is over?

I am a die-hard New England Patriots fan. The final minutes of Super Bowl LI was for the history books, though not good for my racing heart. Did I mention that I love the Patriots, the good, the bad and the ugly? Did you notice during the game, one young wide receiver (WR), rookie Malcolm Mitchell, …

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Signed, sealed, delivered: What’s next?

Following a guest host spot on WIDU radio’s “Grow Your Business” program, hosted by Darsweil Rogers of RMC Strategies, I spoke with one of the listeners about what to expect after applying to college. This is a follow up to our conversation.

Check your email and student college account. Thi…

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Travel Time with HECA in RI: URI, Salve, & Bryant

Our hardy group was up and out at the bus for an early morning start of 7 a.m. No stopping for breakfast in downtown Providence or at our lovely hotel, the Hotel Providence, formerly a children’s clothing store. Like many urban areas, repurposed buildings abound in the Renaissance City.

The fir…

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Tea Time and Traditions: Sweet Tea 2015

This article first appeared in the September 2015 issue of Southern Scope, the newsletter of the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling (SACAC).

Forty-two hardy school counselors and independent educational consultants led by Caroline Morris and Kate Henderson toured 15 colleges and …

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Travel time with HECA: Rhode Island and Johnson & Wales

It’s always a joy for me to return home, to the place where one of my earliest memories is getting my first library card and experiencing the excitement of knowing I could read as many books as  I wanted for free.

This time I went home to tour colleges as part of the Higher Educational Con…

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C- STEP offers transfer to Chapel Hill

Many students transfer from community colleges to four-year colleges and universities. Inside Higher Ed reports approximately 20% of community college students successfully transfer to institutions of higher education. Students beginning their journey to a bachelor’s degree can save a significan…

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Redesigned SAT Coming

Do you know the College Board is redesigning the SAT? Spring 2016 marks the unveiling of a SAT that looks radically different from the current version. Beginning with the class of 2017 (current sophomores), students will take a SAT that reverts back to the 1600 point scale versus the current 240…

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Read, Explore, Engage

This article appeared in the November 2014 issue of Women's View .

College ready, career ready, same preparation, right?  Not necessarily. No matter what post-secondary pathway you take, (a four year college, two year college, technical school, apprenticeship, military, or on-the job trainin…

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A fatherless daughter responds

I grew up without a father. I knew his name, I had an old photo (until I lost it), and I knew he served in the Air Force, but I did not know much else about my father. So recently, when I read Experts Divided Over Impact of Absent Father-themed College Admission Essays, those old memories came t…

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Returning Home to the Ocean State

“Thank you for flying Southwest.  We know you have many choices and we’re glad you chose us”. The captain says something to that effect, as we land in Warwick, Rhode Island (RI); although it’s known as the Providence International Airport (PVD), it’s in the city of Warwick, home of the former …

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Healthy Musicianship, Healthy Success

Since moving to Fayetteville almost four years, creating a new professional network became my greatest blessing disguised as a challenge. Periodically, I want to share the career stories of people I have met along the way. Leaving family, friends, and a career I loved in Rhode Island reminds me …

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"Do Something Bigger Altogether"

My original summer plans were to visit several colleges with my nephew visiting from Rhode Island to help him understand that he needs to find colleges that are an academic, social, and financial fit for him. We managed to squeeze in one visit to UNC Greensboro (UNCG) mainly because I have stud…

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