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The Steps To The Future program was instrumental in assisting my son in selecting a college. The researched information on colleges and universities on his list gave him the assurance that his decision would be solid.

Dr. Wilkerson was dedicated to working with my son on a weekly basis through Skype meetings ensuring he had all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Dr. Wilkerson was very knowledgeable about the process for submitting essays, scholarships, and financial aid . She shared many resources with me from the parent perspective that educated and prepared me. Even though we were out of state she did not let miles be a barrier to assisting my son. The process from high school student to college student is a stressful endeavor but with the insight Dr. Wilkerson provided him made the process more manageable. Her mentorship, encouragement, and patience served as the catalyst for him selecting a college that was best suited for his individual needs and educational goals.

Dr. Wilkerson's program was an integral part of my son's journey to higher education as he was accepted to several colleges and universities and awarded various scholarships through his hard work and her guidance.

I recommend Steps To The Future to every child that is interested in attending college. I have another son entering middle school next year that I will be enrolling with Dr. Wilkerson. Parent of college freshman - Fall, 2013

Date of Posting: 14 November 2013
Posted By: L. Robinson

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