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Thanks and Appreciation

The past year was full of excitement and stress for me since my daughter was a High School Senior; all the demands of her completing a great senior project, applying for colleges, completing the final college entrance exams, senior pictures, etc. and the costs related to all of those events. As my head became overloaded with “to do’s” I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by Dr. Wilkerson (Steps to the Future, LLC) to our Youth Group at church. During this presentation Dr. Wilkerson highlighted the steps to preparation for applying to colleges, resources to guide you through the steps and offered individual meetings with both the parents and the youth. This presentation was a beacon to me during what had become a constant “storm of thoughts” in my brain. Dr. Wilkerson met with my daughter and assisted her in actual action to complete items that were needed for her college and scholarship applications. Dr. Wilkerson also guided me to establish a schedule to address all items needed in support of my daughter’s entry into college.

My most exciting day was when we received notification of my daughter’s acceptance to her #1 choice of schools and then a huge knot grew in my stomach when we saw the projected costs per year at the university. Dr. Wilkerson connected us to many, many references (hard copy and electronic) for a large variety of scholarships, reviewed essays and worked with us tirelessly to get my daughter into the university. Dr. Wilkerson also provided guidance and recommendations on completing the required FAFSA application. Thanks to Dr. Wilkerson’s extensive knowledge of all the requirements, expert technical assistance with so many facets of the process and continuous support, my daughter is enjoying her freshman year as a student in her chosen university. Our family cannot say enough to convey our thanks and appreciation to Dr. Belinda Wilkerson and Steps To The Future, LLC!

Date of Posting: 06 November 2013
Posted By: C. Littlejohn, Parent

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